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How We Learn

How we learn

At Wise Owls we believe that children of different ages learn from each other. Our staff are keen to encourage connections between children of all ages, this supports transitions throughout nursery. Our Hedgehogs (2-4 years) and Squirrels (9 months - 2 years) have a space designed especially for them and they come together for free-flow sessions and lunch. The Bluebird’s (3-5 years) are based in the Nest and Hive. Garden times are staggered for the Bluebirds, Hedgehogs and Squirrels and we encourage the children to spend as much time as possible outside.

All children take part in age appropriate group times and shared learning. The Staff plan, using the EYFS, to extend the children’s learning and tailor each next step to the individual child’s needs. 



Click here to learn more about the Early Years Foundation Stage.


Wise Owls is very privileged to have our very own Artist in Residence. Anita is very interested in light, colour and storytelling and combines creative art journeys and early science experiments to stimulate and nurture the natural curiosity of the children.  These experiences are available for all children to explore throughout the sessions.


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