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Settle Procedure

How We Settle at Wise Owls
At Wise Owls we understand that every child is individual and may take a different amount of time to settle in.  We have taken the time to think about how we can make the settling process as stress free as possible for all involved, your child, yourself and the staff.  With this in mind, after we have established which sessions you would like, we work out which staff member will be your child’s key worker and organise for that staff member and Alison to come and visit you at home.  We have found that this is a really good way to introduce a child to their new keyworker.  After this, it depends on the age of your child as to how many sessions we allocate to settle.  For under two, we offer six sessions starting from 15 minutes and progressing to an hour.  We are very flexible and will discuss with you how your child is fairing.  If we all feel that they need more time then we will organise for this with you.  Over two’s have three initial settles ranging from half and hour to an hour and a half and you will be supported by our staff throughout.  Again, if we feel that your child needs more time then we will discuss this with you on an individual basis.