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Parent Feedback

What our parents say about us....

Mark, dad from Sussex

My daughter has been going to Wise Owls Nursery since September, and she goes half a day a week at the moment. I liked the website, and how they introduced themselves on it. Laura and Alison gave a great first impression when I first met them, and they are both very reassuring and knowledgeable, and they anticipated my questions. The building is really lovely, and they have put a lot of thought into it. There is also outside space, which is important to me. They're both great with kids. Also Kayleigh, one of the other members of staff, is very well-qualified, and great with the kids. They have a fantastic den for the children, with a bubble machine and murals, which my daughter absolutely loved when she first saw it. There is a cool dining area where all the children can eat together, and a lovely sleep room which is just great. They have handled my daughter settling-in really, really well. There have been really sensitive to me being able to pop in while she has got used to being there. I feel incredibly lucky that there was a space for my daughter, and they are also flexible. The staff are very likeable and very professional.


Nicola, Mum of a 2 year old, Sussex

My son has been going to Wise Owls Nursery for about a month. We saw loads of nurseries before he started there, and it was the only one that really stood out for us. We just really loved it, and I am so pleased I found it. The space is lovely - light, airy and with lots of good play areas. They have really thought about how they're using the space. The women who run it are both trained teachers, and it is great having that level of expertise. They are super committed, and enthusiastic. They've been really flexible with us, and as we are both freelancers this has been great. They've just been really nice and there's a real heart to them. The place is nice and small, and it feels like I have found a hidden gem. I feel really happy that we have found it, I would recommend it heartily to anyone and my son loves it

Carla Mastroianni
What a lovely nursery! Sienna is super loved and well taken care of. All the carers are lovely. We couldn't have found a better place for out daughter.

Amy, mum of Ciaran aged 22 months, Sussex
My son has been going to Wise Owls for just over a month, and goes there 3 days a week. We are very happy with it, and it is definitely a positive choice to go there. It's a beautiful nursery, everything looks fantastic. It's got a garden, nice play areas such as sand and water areas, a lovely home corner. Ciaran absolutely loves it, to the extent that he cries when I come and pick him up because he doesn't want to come home with me, as he is enjoying himself so much! Laura and Alison who run the nursery are very experienced early years teachers, and are very much learning focused, which is important to me. My son gets so much out of it. I can see how much he is thriving there - after even just a few weeks there his talking has really come on. I am very very happy with my decision for him to go there.